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I am a singer-song writer who has worked within many areas of music over the past 20 years including, vocal production and arranging, radio and television, community and church based vocal workshops, theatre and advertising. My voice has been heard on recordings and live performances across the world and within many styles from Opera to Pop, Reggae and Gospel.

I learned to sing at home as everyday my parents sang around the house and my older brothers and sisters played their records constantly. I was nurtured on a healthy diet of Country and Irish and Motown and Soul...mmm! Within a house of 13 people there were lots of rooms and each one had a different sound coming from it. Many times we would sit at our mothers feet and sing, songs of 'Home', of hope and faith.

My first taste of the stage was when I began singing in church as a teenager and swiftly progressed along the ranks of those who had gone before me onto the Gospel music scene and then into the wider music industry.

Since those early years I have had the pleasure of traveling far and wide and have experienced things beyond my imagination. Whether it be television, radio or studio, performing on many of the worlds most renowned stages or meeting and working with some of my musical influences and heroes - I have learnt that what we believe to be dreams are sometimes in fact visions, as I have experienced in real life what I once considered impossible.

I acknowledge that all I am and all I have achieved has been possible only through the favour and grace of God and I am thankful for the opportunities that have come my way and for the many teachers who have so graciously afforded me their time and gifts.

You don't have to have travelled far or seen much to know that the world is in need and it's clear to me that at the moment music is not helping. On some levels music has become an attitude and an opportunity for the greedy and soulless. I know that the true purpose of music is to uplift and encourage, to sooth and massage the very soul. The reward for us then can only be in the music itself. That's the reason why we sing.

'Home' - my debut solo album - is a tribute to those artists who went before me, those from whom I learned so much. It has been a labour of love straight from my heart, a message of hope and love to the world, nothing heavy, just real good old-fashioned music.


Home of course, means many things to many people, the dictionary offers a few meanings and ‘Home’ the album provides us with a glimpse into what it means to Brenden.

This album is a collection of life lessons and experiences. A testimony. To know and understand what ‘Home’ means, is to understand oneself and to take one step closer to realising the reason for life itself.

‘Home’ the song and title track encapsulates everything that is close to the heart of the writer. Musical influences found throughout the album range from, Irish and Country and Western to Motown and Gospel. The honest, warm vocal being the thread that runs through their centre - seamlessly knitting lyric to rhyme and melody to chord. Each one brooded over jealously, carefully, generous in intent, expectant in return.

I recorded these songs with the hope that people would get to hear them in the way they came to me during a moment of inspiration, in my mind or in my dreams and that was the main driving force throughout the process. No flashing lights, no circus acts, no distractions, just a song. The words and the melodies are what stays with a person, they can be eternal.

When I began the process of writing and recording this album I had already been singing on stages and in studios and churches around the world for over 15 years. This presented somewhat of a difficult situation for me as I always promised myself that I would rather; and I quote “go to my grave” without ever recording an album at all if it wasn’t going to be something I could be proud of. That to me meant it could stand up to the products I was part of in my everyday work. This was always going be tough as through the years I had been part of some multi million pound productions and had seen what teams of people and months and years of planning it needed to complete them. But I knew that all of these things would not only serve as a standard for which I would set my sights, but they would also give me an insight into how things could be accomplished and that was the key. I had been living in the “land of the giants” for many years and what at first seemed overwhelming and impossible became familiar and comfortable.

My original idea for recording the music for the album was to put together the band, studio and engineer and try and get through as many songs as possible. Usually in a day or over a couple of half days we would get through 3 or 4 songs. Most were done without any previous rehearsal too. Also getting the band together in the same place at the same time was proving most difficult. The guys who played and sang on ‘Home’ are all top of the tree musicians and if it wasn’t for the fact we were gigging with the same artist at that time it would have been even more difficult.

I would introduce the songs bit by bit through our days of gig rehearsals and then we would sneak away usually in the evenings after work to the studio to start on my stuff. That was after 8 hours of playing. It was tough but these guys love music and I have to say they never held back as you can hear. The songs were recorded with relative ease, the guys all prepared their own instruments, adjusted the sound accordingly and we were off.

The first recording began in London in April 2006 and finished in March 2008. Much of that time, either myself or the other singers and musicians were away and unable to get into a studio at the same time. Though the music took 2 years it took another 2 to get to the finishing line. More on that later!

Although mostly recorded in the UK, the album was mixed and mastered in Nasville USA. Grammy winning Producer-Writer-Musician Tommy Sims (Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen, Israel Houghton) was the cherry on the cake. He mixed the album as well as playing guitars, bass and keys.

My hope was that the listener would get to hear the songs in the way I envisioned them from conception. Take my word for it, in this present climate, it is a rare thing to create and complete an album or piece of music and then have the public hear it without it being subject to masses of interference from the powers that be. Whether that be auto tune, pitch adjuster, ghosting or marketing and record company pressure.

One thing I can promise you is that you are hearing something pure, honest and true, nothing added and nothing taken away.